Equipa vencedora do Grande Prémio do BGREEN – 2021

This year, the island of S. Miguel once again hosted the winners of the BGREEN Great Prize and, for the first time, the winners of the Alphonse Louisier Award.

On October 20th, the winners landed in the city of Ponta Delgada, to enjoy three days of adventure in the heart of a true natural paradiseIt has been protected from human action. Did you know that the colorful hydrangeas that we see by the roadsides and in the middle of the countryside, serve not only to beautify, but also to divide land? This form of division is incredible.

The days were spent in passionate parks, such as Terra Nostra Parkwhich everyone was amazed by its flora diversity and its beautiful thermal pool, as well as the Caldeira Velha. The winners had the opportunity to wander among lakes that were true mirrors, not of the soul, but of the verdant nature, Lagoa do Fogo, Lagoa das Furnas and Sete Cidades, and there was still time to taste the famous and delicious "Cozido das Furnas", as well as the cheesecakes from Vila Franca do Campo and the tea from Gorreana.

During their stay in the Azores, our winners were still able to sail in the Atlantic Ocean to watch the cetaceans and were treated to the presence of dolphins, whales, and sperm whales, and it was a unique moment.

The return to the mainland was done in silence, because everyone was amazed with the days lived in the Azores and, in the mind, a new goal was outlined, as shared by Professor Oystein "We are already planning our next participation" and all because "We had an amazing time, the trip was really spectacular! And the Azores is such a wonderful island, so much to see."

Já sabes, não podes perder a oportunidade de participar no BGREEN!