The marathon that kicked off this year’s edition of Bgreen in OFICINA – INA’s Professional School, was marked by the participation of all its students in the project 25 thousand trees in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

The marathon began with a workshop presented by teacher José Luís Dias on: How to create a video spot. The aim of this practical exercise was not only to provide tips on the theme but also to instigate students’ creativity.

In the second half of the morning, a challenge was presented to the whole of OFICINA’s school community (Students and teachers) that consisted in planting 450 trees, thus contributing to the 25 thousand tree aim by 2025, set in motion by the municipality of Famalicão. The municipality’s objective consists in rehabilitating around 25 hectares of its territory via the plantation of 25 thousand native trees and shrubs in urban areas and rural spaces along water lines, hills and mountains. A project that will come full circle within nine years.

Sofia Mendes, bgreen’s coordinator said that “the symbolism associated with the plantation of a tree fits perfectly in this year’s theme, a simple gesture that may have an impact in everyone’s future”.

Under the motto The Glocal Effect, the 7th edition marathon asks students to conceive, plan and execute a video spot on environmental issues in only 48 hours.

“As in previous editions, we are dared to be more interventional and not to become indifferent to ecological problems. Therefore, the plantation of a tree is in line with the set challenge”, said Diana Caldas from the Communication/Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity Course.