More than 300 young students from OFICINA – Professional School participated in the Bgreen Creative Marathon. An initiative that lasted the whole day and officially launched the festival’s 8th edition.

Under the slogan You are Nature, this year’s edition tries to highlight the symbiotic relation between human being and nature. Every year, bgreen extols an ecology related theme and in this edition, bgreen aims to value our origins, the connection between humanity and nature and warn us about the damage we are inflicting and its impact on health, peace and the quality of life of the populations. You are Nature also tries to call our attention towards inner change and the way it translates into action that can save our planet and consequently, humanity.

The day started with the workshop “How to create a BGREEN spot?” promoted by Henrique Silva and Frederico Melo, two of the school’s audiovisual teachers. Throughout the day students were able to attend other workshops related to scriptwriting, brainstorming, storyboarding, creative processes, verbal and non-verbal language and actor direction.

With 7 editions already held, BGREEN presents itself as a project promoted by OFICINA – INA’s Professional School, aimed at young people with the objective of responding to a current global challenge, caring for our planet. Bgreen // ecological film festival is thus a video festival for young students from all over the world aged between 13 and 21.