After getting the first prize in the 9th edition of bgreen//ecological film festival in June, Berchmans College, from Colombia, embarked on an eco-adventure trip to the Azores for a total of four days of adventure in the island of S. Miguel, a wonderful time filled with good mood, companionship and a common cause: the environment.
Accompanied by the teachers James from Colombia and Francisco from OFICINA – INA’s Professional School, the four award-winning students Dominique, Ana, Juan and Maria had the opportunity of visiting the volcanic waters spa, stroll in the mountain paths of the several lagoons in S. Miguel and also catch sight of dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.   
Just a few weeks away from the beginning of the 10th edition, this eco-adventure trip to the Azores intended not only to reward the spot that won the edition but also to highlight awareness towards nature which is ever more pressing with the climate crisis we are witnessing.
The return to Colombia, though cheerful, awoke in these students a higher concern towards awareness and protection of the world around us.