“Global warning” was the winner of the bgreen // ecological film festival 4th edition’s grand prize. This film festival aims to raise young people’s awareness to the urgency of one’s active role regarding environmental issues through the use of video spots as a tool to give voice to the concerns of young Europeans.

The spot that was worthy of the bgreen grand prize was created by a group of students from Ole Vig Videregaende, a school in the region of Trondheim in Norway. These young Norwegian aspiring filmmakers were able to impress the jury with their insight on Man’s actions establishing a parallel between our world and ourselves. The grand prize gave these youngsters the possibility to embark on a magical trip to the island of S. Miguel, also known as the green isle, in the Azores.

September 23rd marked the starting point for this great ecological adventure with the arrival at the historical city of Ponta Delgada. From this moment on, we had the privilege of “breathing” all the purity and tranquility that characterize this island.

It was with exceptional and contagious joy that we traveled the 12 km wrapped in lush landscapes and carefully observed some of the native species such as the heather, beech, laurel and holly, which are responsible for the different shades of green spread across the horizon, as we paid special attention to the variations in the flora at different altitudes.  The enthusiasm, which was constant throughout the whole route, reached its peak with the arrival at the imposing Lagoa do Fogo and endured in the observation of the meandering green land masses that suddenly end with the blue sea.

The observation of the cetaceans off the coast was an excellent way to kick off the second day on the island. This long-awaited moment was breathtaking not only because of the cetaceans but also due to the unique experience of swimming with dolphins.

The Lagoa das Furnas was eye-catching due to its extent. Curiosity was evident in the students’ look as they realized that in the geothermic soil the famous traditional dish cozido das furnas was being cooked. The natural hot water pools are undeniably one of the land’s prodigies and a delight for the youngsters who bathed in the crystal clear water and invigorating mud of Poça da Dona Beija.

These days were lived intensely as we were completely in tune with nature thus opening our horizons to the necessity of preserving the environment by being aware of the quality of life that the “green island” provides its inhabitants and the fantastic and invigorating experiences it enables its visitors hence strengthening the importance of environmental preservation.