There could be several ways or contexts to visit the Azores but this one couldn’t have been better. We are a group of senior year students from the Multimedia Professional Course at Externato Infante D. Henrique. After participating in the bgreen // ecological film festival and winning the categories of Best Message Award and Grand Prize with the spot named “Sem Desconto”, we were awarded a 4 day eco-adventure trip to S. Miguel in the Azores.

Therefore, on August 30th, around 12.30, we said farewell to the mainland and got onboard the plane that would take us to our destination: Ponta Delgada!

Upon arrival, and still flying over the island, we were overwhelmed by the sublimity of that piece of land that welcomed us with its beautiful city and lush green and unexplored landscapes, taken hostage by such pure and soothing nature.

Across length and breadth, we visited the illustrious volcanic crate lakes: Lagoa do Fogo and Lagoa das Sete Cidades, observing the Furnas, relaxing in Terra Nostra mineral baths and vibrating in the Atlantic Ocean when observing dolphins and other sea animals. Apart from these adventures, we took part in the island’s popular festivities and strolled around in the memory prolific streets of this beautiful village.

This trip was undoubtedly a moment of friendship, learning and future! We cannot deny assuming our individual responsibility regarding earth’s environmental status: we can create a better age, an age of awareness and sustainable attitudes; we can stop these consequences and enforce a green and shining fate for our planet. It is never too late, especially when there are places and moments like this, in the Azores, that give us room for imagination to flow uninterruptedly and drive to change the world.

Getting to know the island of S. Miguel was thus, a unique and memorable trip, filled with soul and Earth.

Rita Osório
Member of the grand prize winning team


Viagem aos Açores premiou alunos do Externato Infante D. Henrique