Bgreen // ecological film festival could not leave 2016 without seizing another opportunity to increase environmental awareness. This time, the initiative consisted in a workshop entitled “How to create a video spot?” for the students of the vocational courses in Nun’Alvres Institute.

Taking advantage of the proximity between the two schools, the students of the vocational courses were able to take the first steps in the creation of video spots, from conception to post-production.

Under the motto The Glocal Effect: local actions, global future, BGREEN aims to disseminate the ecological message on the importance of taking care of our “common home” in accordance with the challenge put forward by Pope Francis in the Encyclical Letter LAUDATO SI’. 

The workshop was conducted by the 2nd year students of the Audiovisual Course and enabled these students to also improve their personal and technical skills. Jéssica Ferreira said that “by teaching others how to shoot, edit and even how to work on an idea, you are also strengthening your own learning and improving your competence, i.e. another way to test our skills”.

The workshops “How to create a video spot?” will go on throughout 2017 in the schools of the municipalities of Santo Tirso and Vila Nova de Famalicão. As it can be used as a work tool for teachers and students, the bgreen team is available to promote this workshop at all interested schools.