The second phase of OFICINA’s Bgreen // ecological film festival managed to gather 300 students around the environmental concern. For two days, OFICINA’s students were able to use their creativity in the service of ecology. This year’s edition was even more special due to the presence of former students.

Every year the BGREEN marathon is an excellent opportunity for students to put their technical and creative skills into practice. This year was no exception. In groups of four elements, students planned and produced a video for the festival that has conquered the four corners of the world. Under the slogan The Glocal Effect: local action, global future, this year’s edition challenges students to awaken local consciousness towards a global attitude.

Another special moment of the marathon was the awarding of the prizes to the students who won the 2016 school competition. Miguel Melo and Rui Sousa, former audiovisual students, came back to school to receive their Polaroid Cube. Miguel Melo highlighted the creative dimension of BGREEN. “Our spot is a result of our humor and at the same time of our concern for the environment. I think this is the secret ingredient, the festival’s recipe. We challenge all students at OFICINA to be creative and bold in their ideas, so that they can stand out from all others.

For Rui Sousa, “better than winning the Alphonse Luisier Award is to see our effort recognized as the award is simply one more way to show our commitment and dedication. I have to thank OFICINA for having provided an exemplary education at a professional and personal level, for those are the tools I will require to be successful”.