Keep in mind that the deadline for the submission of your video spots is the 12th of April. The submission of the spots is done via the Video Submission Ecological Engine. It is very important to correctly fill in all the data.

In this final stretch, it is crucial to once more consult the Rules & Regulations so as to make sure all requirements are met. If there still are any doubts, don’t hesitate in contacting us. In case you still have difficulties in creating your video spot, don’t forget to check out our Technical Script – How to create a spot. There, you will find not only technical advice on how to use a camera and different shot angles but also what you are supposed to do, step by step, to finish your production.

In this 8th edition, under the motto You are nature, bgreen aims to highlight the symbiotic relation between human being and nature. At the same time, bgreen seeks to raise young people’s awareness to the power that audiovisual means may have in the defense of ecological and social values. At the moment, bgreen’s team has already promoted more than 20 “How to make a video spot” workshops all over the northern region of Portugal. This initiative enabled the sharing of skills and around 500 youngsters were able to use their smartphones to create their own spots and voice their ideas on environmental defense.

Within the scope of the Eco-Schools Program, bgreen has also participated in several environmental protection initiatives in the municipalities of Santo Tirso and Vila Nova de Famalicão, such as several reforestation activities.

Soon we will unveil the finalists of the 8th edition and, of course, on the awaited Bgreen Award Ceremony. Until then, bgreen invites you to revisit the spots from the 7th edition.

See you soon!